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In the world of cycling, one truth remains constant: the pursuit of improvement is endless. Whether it’s conquering a challenging hill that once seemed insurmountable or chasing down a Strava segment that stubbornly eludes me, these are the moments that define my passion for this remarkable sport.

But it’s not just about the physical achievements. Cycling has a profound impact on my well-being. As I approach the milestone of turning 50, I feel fantastic both mentally and physically. My fitness levels have soared, and each pedal stroke brings a renewed sense of vitality. Cycling isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle that continues to enrich and inspire me, proving that age is no barrier to achieving greatness on two wheels. 2024 is going to be another exciting year and, we are eager to embark on the next phase of our club’s growth.

This year, while we remain committed to our weekly rides, ensuring they retain the unique fun-filled atmosphere characteristic of TWR, we also aim to focus on fostering individual growth and development within our club.


We are excited to announce that our inaugural Sportive is scheduled for September 2024 (more info to follow). As a community, we are committed to ensuring that all participants, regardless of their cycling experience, receive the support they need to comfortably complete the ride. Looking just around the corner, events like Ride London are on the horizon. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for both newcomers and seasoned cyclists alike, offering opportunities for development and regular weekly rides to help maintain fitness levels.

To achieve this goal, TWR has invested in a team of coaches dedicated to helping members reach their full potential. We are committed to further investment in this area until our club is recognised as a professional entity within the cycling community.

Some may be curious to see if these developments will alter the ethos of TWR. Allow me to reassure you that our intention is for things to change for the better. In the spirit of transparency and inclusivity, we will be distributing a survey soon to gather insights into the needs of our group. Through collaboration and feedback, we will craft a strategic plan that propels us collectively to the next level.

‘Together We Ride’ – Together We Rise


Cycling has literally been a life-saver for me over the last nine years as a core part of my recovery from a heart illness. I started as a commuter, did my first London to Brighton ride in 2017, and have kept going through to finish my third Ride London in 2023.

As a level 1 coach and TWR’s ride captain, it will be my privilege to serve alongside my colleagues and friends to continue our individual and collective growth and impact on the world of cycling. We keep it rollin’!


After the last few years of coaching youth at Islington Cycle Club and Finsbury City Academy, this year I have the pleasure of leading development at TWR.

I’m a dedicated cycle trainer & coach and I’m passionate about pedalling and pushing limits . With a knack for tailoring programs to individual needs, ‘I thrive on turning pedal strokes into progress’. Let’s ride towards your goals together! Together We Ride.

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