TWR Celebration & Awards Party 2023

It’s only been three years but you’d be forgiven for thinking TWR was established many years ago; such is the strength of our community.

Not only did we celebrate the third year of operating as a cycling club, we also celebrated what are some of the core elements of why TWR continues to grow.

Empowerment, confidence, achievement, diversity, friendship, support and more but let’s just focus on diversity for a second! This word is often loosely thrown around and doesn’t just refer to social status, ethnicity or gender. We are a cycling club that also fosters the inclusion of cyclists of all abilities and age ranges – whether you have just started cycling or have been cycling for years, we welcome you and it doesn’t stop there, you can tap into our extensive knowledge base of all things cycling related to help you on your journey to wellbeing.
TWR have an abundance of experienced and qualified people that have enabled us to become a conduit for people to take up cycling and participate in related events such as Sportives, Duathlons and Triathlons.

With all this being said, it would be remiss of us to not celebrate us so grab your popcorn & prosecco, kick back and we hope you enjoy the video!

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